Air Freight

Air Freight: Global Transports also as a Comprehensive Solution

Speed and reliability are the most important markers of success for transporting goods by airplane. With our worldwide network and many local partners, even at a mid-sized logistics company such as ZR Trade, we will find global transport solutions that are fast, reliable and cost-efficient into the bargain.

Multimodal Concepts With All Support Included

In addition to speed, we also always focus on support: You need support when organizing multimodal transports from the pick-up location to the delivery location? Or for packaging, documentation, interim storage or during customs clearance? We are happy to handle these tasks in a complete package. Here it does not matter whether your goods are a  full truckload or less than a truckload – we always provide the same high-quality support.




You are interested in our air freight services? Or need a detailed concept for a multimodal transport? Please call us at telephone number +49 89 998 280 512. Our team will be happy to advise you and develop the logistics quote that matches your merchandise and the general conditions.